Welcome, my name is Matteo and I'm a software developer.

At the moment I mostly do backend software with (and ); when it made sense I also dabbled into Node.js (small websocket stuff, mostly). I also use React.js when I do frontend web. Oh some 🐳 Docker is involved in my development environment, and possibly in the deployment of the things I do, but I claim no expert status.

I'm currently experimenting, studying (and interested in): Elixir, Go lang, Domain Driven Development, Event Sourcing, and so much more cool stuff, oh my... (if you are selling 48 hours days, without drugs, give me a call, I'm interested 💰)

You can find me as @scotu on Twitter, Github, and Instagram

I love neapolitan "verace" 🍕, I can't stand 🍌, sorry 🙁.

Thanks for stopping by!